All proceeds will be donated to Kettering Amateur Swimming Club (KASC) u.k ** To date £2000 has been donated to charity

About Me

Welcome to my World. 
All my adult life I have tried and conquered many crafting skills, from crochet, oil painting, creating fascinators, beaded headwear, dressing formal hats, lace making, knitting, tapestry cross stitch, to name just a few, until now, to my current love, sewing, patchwork and quilting.
I create items in beautiful fabrics and not one is duplicated
I don't make for profit, or deduct for fabric used, they are given to a needy person cause, or donated as raffle prizes which I will continue to honour.
However, I have now created this website to sell my goodies and all proceeds will be added to my charity pot  Please  like & share any new items I list on Facebook.
All items listed on my.
Prices quoted are special for online buying and are available for immediate purchase from my Website.
I have already raised £2000 for
My next challenge is to raise £3000 for our local swimming club, Kettering Amateur Swimming Club (KASC)
I do have a personal interest and I am really passionate about supporting our youngsters of today, who knows! we may have some budding Olympians in our midst.